About Me

Hi!  I am Judy Maldonado your favorite Jewelry Designer😉

I am 53 years old hailing from Phoenix in the Great State of Arizona USA. I would you believe that I lived here 23 years before I made the 2.5 hour drive to see the Grand Canyon. Can you imagine? One of the 7 wonders of the world that close and it took me that long. Worth the Drive Trust me.  I really love living here in the Desert Southwest, even when it’s 115 degrees Fahrenheit outside. 🔥 Crazy I know!  I have a son, Rob, the light of my life. He is Grown, succeeding, and getting married next year. I’m so proud. ❤️


How did I get into Jewelry Design? Well, back in High School I was in art class and we were working on paper mache’. I hated it. I saw some of the seniors working on making wax molds to make rings with the lost wax method. I asked the teacher if I could do that instead and he agreed to let me. I made a simple band with 3 hearts. It was sooo cool! I gave it to my mom. then life took a turn sideways and I didn’t touch Jewelry again for 40 years. I had a hard life and during those times I was not confident and I didn’t believe I was ever going to be good enough to do anything with my life, I wasn’t worth it, or capable. 


People if you believe that about yourself get help! It’s lies your own mind is telling you. You have the power to think whatever you want to think about yourself. May as well make the voices in your head like you instead. Learn to love yourself, put you at the top of the list of people you love. There’s Power in that. Great Power. Enough power to convince me that I am talented, I am Courageous, I am Worthy, I am Capable, & I can do it scared. 


I wanted to do something with my talent but had no idea what. I watched one of my friends making her jewelry, for years. Jealous in some ways and curious but I never asked her to help me. She was surprised, as were all of my friends, when I finally found a way. 

I was at a BBQ talking with my friend Mike and he said he was going to take a class on how to make a Viking Weave necklace. I promptly told him sign me up too. We went to the local Bead shop, Raincharmer Beads, and the owner Linda put some wire in my hand……..

 BAM 💥 next thing you know I’m wire wrapping stones, starting my online business and just hit the ground running. Full Speed Ahead!

That was in June of 2022 a mere 5 months ago. I have been Happily Creating Beautiful things for Beautiful People since. I hope you like my work, because I sure enjoy making it. 


In case you’re wondering….

I used to cruise around in my boyfriends T-Top Firebird Camero blasting the stereo. It was so loud that my friend Debbie said to me, I can always tell when you’re coming, I can hear you 3 blocks away. “Jammin’ Judy!” And that his how I got the nick name. I had to drop one of the M’s because when the internet was young and we were picking our online emails jamminjudy was taken already. 😛

So I dropped one of the M’s and JaminJudy became my online handle, my license plate and now the name of my business.